What is Telene DCPD?

The dicyclopentadiene is a thermosetting resin based on a refinery by-product containing only hydrogen and carbon. Telene is the first plastic material produced by metathesis reaction of DCPD. This innovative polymerization system granted to its inventor the 2005 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. RIMTEC Corporation markets advanced  these thermosetting resins as PENTAM® and METTON® in Japan, Korea and Singapore, and as TELENE® in Europe, North America and other areas. RIMTEC is the result of the merger of DCPD sections of ZEON Corporation and Teijin Metton Co.

Material Characteristics


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Material Presentation

Modulus Evolution

Stress at yield

Aging T°C < Tg

Comparaison of TELENE with PVDF and other polymers

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A study of the DCPD driven by Ifremer, Telene, Total, Yddris : A new polymer for deep sea field joint caotings have given on some interesting results on Telene.

We see that the yield stress of PVD is lower and decrease faster than the yield stress of Telene.

We notice that the modulus of Telene is constant and independent of temperature until 120°C whereas the modulus of PVD is decreasing abruptly.