Advanced technologies to improve your process

Controlling the flow of corrosive chemicals

Any type of  flow control valve has a restricted passage area called « Vena Contracta ». In this area, the flow is accelerated to a high speed. Turbulence is created, dissipating energy and therefore creating the desired ΔP. Where the flow velocity is high, corrosive chemicals cause all sorts of damage to the materials.

Why non-metallic materials?

The corrosion resistance of metals is generally determined in still fluids. But at high flow speeds and in the presence of turbulence, a process known as « erosion induced corrosion » starts destroying even the so-called « corrosion resistant » metals.

In such situation, solid polymers may offer an economic solution, that will outperform even « special metals » and other exotic materials.

Erosion Induced Corrosion

Erosion Induced Corrosion is a special form of accelerated corrosion linked to fluid motion, high flow velocity and turgulence. The think film of naturally formed passivation layer