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Steps to tighten by tensioner

Techlink started the bolt tightening service in 2008 and initially focused on nuclear plants. We are actually specialised in serving refineries, chemical and power plants. Our objective is to provide accurate flange to avoid leakage in toxic environments.

Non stimultinous tightening

High Reliability Bolt Tensioners

Numerous advantages comparing to conventional methods

Our hydraulic tensioner extends the bolt axially by applying the accurate hydraulic force and has a lot of advantages comparing to traditional methods :

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How it works ?

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning tools provide a quick and easy method for tightening large diameter bolts to high and accurate pre-loads. They provide the most consistent and accurate method of applying tension to bolted connections. It is the preferred method of tightening bolts and studs on all critical applications.

Variations in this friction loss, from bolt to bolt often causes non-uniform tension in bolts that have been tightened to the same torque setting.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning provides an effective means of overcoming such non-uniformity in bolt loads.

By using a number of tensioners simultaneously the operator is able to ensure an even pull down of the joint components, resulting in uniformity of gasket compression and consistent leak free joints.

Bolt tensioners are designed for operation in a wide variety of applications including pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressor covers, boiler feed pumps, windmills and many others.

  1. The nut driver is placed over the nut
  2. The bridge and load cell is placed over the bolt
  3. The puller is screwed over the stud protuding above the nut face
  4. Hydraulic pressure is applied to load cell which stretches the bolt
  5. The nut is turned down using the nut driver and tommy bar
  6. The pressure is released leaving the sud loaded accurately

Threaded Puller

Load Cell


Nut Driver